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Proof that Anne approved of the QotD movie!

I just took this screencap from the wayback machine from the SciFiWire (it's called blastr now)

That yes beyond all doubt that ANNE RICE did did approve of the "Queen of the Damned" film (2002) calling it and I quote:

"Well-directed, elegant and intriguing, the film is surely destined to take its place among notable modern interpretations of vampire mythology."

No matter what JTheGoblinKing/Amanda/LegendaireLestat/WhatEverTheHellShe'sCallingHerselfNow (she has so many aliases it's hard to keep up) says (yes i am a member of imdb and a lurker of the Dark Shadows(2012 movie)/IwtV/QotD boards. Yes Anne did once approve of the Movie, once she saw how her "fans" reacted though she quickly "changed her mind" and said otherwise.

Anne Rice approves of the Queen or the damned movie
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Charlize who?

Is that a new tattoo I see there peeking out Stu?

Charlize Theron's Ex -- Breaking Up Sucks [from TMZ]

While at an art gallery in L.A. this weekend, Charlize Theron's ex-boyfriend Stuart Townsend put on quite a show by sucking face with some brunette lady friend.

Stu's PDA comes two weeks after Charlize was caught sharing an intimate hug and kiss with Keanu Reeves.

At least the feelings are mutual.


Another related article:

Stuart Townsend has moved on from Charlize Theron By
, Staff Writer

Stuart Townsend had his heart broken back in February, but it looks as if he's finally has moved on from his nine year relationship with Charlize Theron.

The 'Best Man' actor was spotted dancing and making out with a mystery brunette at - of all things - the 'Love Them and Leave Them' Art Opening at R and R gallery in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Maybe the name of the show made him laugh. But something certainly agreed with him because - along with all the canoodling - he was pictured laughing and looking like a million dollars months after his painful breakup.

It's great to have him back on the scene again.

Oh how I'd love to be in her place!
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Stuart Townsend rocks Lestat in Michael Rymer's Queen of the Damned

I can't see how I ever missed posting this before but here it is now!

Stuart Townsend rocks Lestat in Michael Rymer's Queen of the Damned
By Patrick Lee and Cindy White

In Queen of the Damned, director Michael Rymer's upcoming movie based on two of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles novels, Irish-born actor Stuart Townsend takes a bite out of a role originated by Tom Cruise in the first Rice adaptation, 1994's Interview with the Vampire. Townsend plays Rice's most famous creation: Lestat de Lioncourt, an 18th-century French nobleman inducted against his will into the brotherhood of vampires.

Townsend appears opposite the late Aaliyah, the 22-year-old pop star and actress who died tragically in a plane crash last summer, and Marguerite Moreau, who will soon star in the SCI FI Channel's upcoming miniseries Firestarter: Rekindled.

Australian-born director Rymer faced the challenge of not only following up the previous movie, but also compressing the events in Rice's The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned into a single film. Townsend, Rymer and producer Jorge Saralegui took a moment recently to speak with Science Fiction Weekly about Queen of the Damned, which opens Feb. 22.

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Filmmaker eager to screen "Battle" at SIFF

photo from stuart-online

From the Seattle Times May 22, 2008

Filmmaker Stuart Townsend eager to screen "Battle" at SIFF
by Moira Macdonald

The Seattle International Film Festival kicks off tonight with something unusual: a film with direct ties to our city. Stuart Townsend's drama "Battle in Seattle," which stars Charlize Theron, Martin Henderson and Woody Harrelson, takes place during the 1999 WTO riots in Seattle. Townsend, Theron, Henderson and other members of the cast will be in town tonight to walk the red carpet before the film's local premiere at McCaw Hall.

Townsend, a Dublin native who makes his writing/directing debut with "Battle in Seattle," said in a telephone interview that he'd long been wanting to tell this story. He remembered watching coverage of the WTO riots on television in Dublin, but said his interest was especially piqued by an essay by environmental writer Paul Hawken about the event several years later. "I thought, it'd be great to make a movie about something important," he said, remembering his own growing environmental and political awareness at the time. "When I read this essay, it really jumped out at me. I vaguely remembered this event, and no one had done a movie about it. I started to research it. I'd say within about five hours, I felt that I was going to tell this story."
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Night Stalker Unfilmed Scripts

For those Night Stalker fans without DVD-Rom's

I've only recently have bought a new computer with a DVD-rom for those who wish to own PDF files of the two unfilmed scripts of Stuart's 2005 television series 'Night Stalker' please feel free to comment here and I will see to it that they are uploaded.

They are titled as follows.

Episode 1-11 'Ascendant'
Episode 1-12 'The M Word'